Welcome to the home page of our latest project, the Aquaponics & Hydroponics System Controller.

I won't go in to a lot of spiel, but the Controller is designed to help automate systems by driving up to 8 relays with software that lets you do things like:

  • Arduino MEGA 2560 based
  • Timed pumps for flood and drain (15 on/45 off or other timing you like to use)
  • Automatic lighting / ventilation
  • Temperature based relay activation (for example to open/close vents or turn on a fan in your greenhouse) or to turn water heaters on/off
  • Automatic feeding (timed)
  • Demand-based feeding (fish hit a switch to receive food)
  • ... other? The hardware is still in the design phase so if you have ideas contact us and let us know!