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Technical Specs

The AP Controller currently has the following specifications (subject to change until final hardware is done).

  • Host: Arduino MEGA 2560 (R3)
  • Memory: 256 kilobytes FLASH (ROM), 20 kb RAM, 4 kb EEPROM
  • Connections: Power, Maxim 1-wire bus (screw terminals), relay power/signal, LCD (HD44780 compatible), RTC, reset switch, analog sensor/probe connections.

The hardware is designed to to be modular, so each user can add just the components they need to cut down on cost.

Arduino Pin Map
20-21: I2C
24: Dallas 1-Wire bus
40-47: Relay control signals

LCD Pins
28 - RS
29 - R/W
30 - Clock/Enable
31-38 - D0-7

A8 - Voltage Detect (so we don't try to use the relays when hooked up to USB power)
A8 @ 5V Vin = 1.163
A8 @ 7.5V Vin = 1.744
A8 @ 12V Vin = 2.791
A8 @ 21.5V Vin = 5

Everything is designed to be simple so any programmer can write their own software if they wish.