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Technical Specs

The AP Controller currently has the following specifications (subject to change until final hardware is done).

  • Host: Arduino MEGA 2560 (R3)
  • Memory: 256 kilobytes FLASH (ROM), 20 kb RAM, 4 kb EEPROM
  • Connections: Power, Maxim 1-wire bus (screw terminals), relay power/signal, LCD (HD44780 compatible), RTC, reset switch, analog sensor/probe connections.

The hardware is designed to to be modular, so each user can add just the components they need to cut down on cost.


Form Factor

We have the circuitry designed and are about to build a prototype. Our original design was from scratch using a Z80, but doing everything from scratch was going to make the unit way too expensive to build, so we've taken a different direction now. We are instead making a shield for Arduino Mega 2560 and using existing cheaply available modules to buld the system. For example a real-time clock board that is only about $7 and an optoisolated 8 relay board for
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